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The One-Eyed Monkey (English)

Author : Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator : Shefalee Jain

An ant, a monkey, an elephant and a young girl set out to tame a fiery dragon! There is fun and adventure in this ‘fairytale' that stands convention on its head.

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Age 8+
Specifications 84 Pages; 8.5” x 5.5”; black & white; soft cover
Rights sold English with Chinese (worldwide except Mainland of China)
ISBN 978-81-86896-13-6
First Published 2000

An enchanting modern fairytale involving an unlikely foursome. A monkey sets out to explore the world, joined by a curious ant and an elephant trying hard to be aggressive. They come across a princess with a mission and rally around to help her. Armed with a cloak of invisibility, a sword of courage and a ball of magic clay, the friends journey to the den of a fierce dragon who must be tamed. Poor dragon! UK-based feminist writer Suniti Namjoshi has published several books and collections of poetry. There is fun and adventure in this ‘fairytale', which stands adventure on its head as it twists and turns its humorous way.