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The Techno Sage (English)

Author : Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator : Shefalee Jain

The four, along with the lion cub, are off to Canada with a message for the Techno Sage, who has sealed her island with an impenetrable shield. An adventure with a scientific twist!

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Age 8+
Specifications 76 Pages; 8.5” x 5.5”; black & white; soft cover
Rights sold English with Chinese (worldwide except Mainland of China)
ISBN 978-81-8146-161-2
First Published 2005

Stony Lake, Canada, with laughing loons, sullen sunfish and dangerous deadheads — this is where Aditi and friends are off to this time. Their mission is a message for the Techno Sage. The Sage, however, has covered her island with a shield through which not even emails can penetrate. Dragons, a scientist sage, time-stretching jewels and a princess with an unusual assortment of friends, all come together in this techno-generation fantasy tale. But beneath the hi-tech trappings lie everyday issues of friendship and courage, dealt with in the author's inimitable style with sensitivity, sophistication and humour.