Gajapati Kulapati Kalich Kulich! (Bengali)

Author : Ashok Rajagopalan
Illustrator : Ashok Rajagopalan

The adorable elephant of Ashok Rajagopalan’s runaway hit series is back!

aaachooo! Kalabalooosh! Gurrburrroom! And now –

KALICHA KULICHA… Gajapati Kulapati dances in the mud.

KALICHALOOOCHA… he rolls in the mud.

But when it’s time for a bath, he runs away…!

 Cup and Blue star.jpgTop South Asian Book by Toka Box 2020

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Age 2+
Specifications 20 pages; 11.5" x 8.25"; Full colour; Soft cover
Translator Indrani Krishnaier
ISBN 978-93-89203-96-7
First Published 2020

Sneezy colds, tummy aches, water fun in the hot sun, no-to-baths, are all a child’s everyday scuffles at home with parents. No wonder the books are a hit with everyone from 2+ to 60+! With new sounds, familiar folk and zingy pictures, Gajapati Kulapati Kalicha Kulicha! is yet another laugh-out-loud read-aloud.