Paanai Seivom, Payir Seivom: Nam Kaalatthil Uzhaippin Madippu (Tamil) View larger

Paanai Seivom, Payir Seivom: Nam Kaalatthil Uzhaippin Madippu (Tamil)

Author : Kancha Ilaiah
Illustrator : Durgabai Vyam

With gender issues hitting news hotspots, there are more and more questions but answers are shrouded in stereotype and convention. This book ‘talks' directly to teens on all aspects of gender, lifting confusions and creating awareness. Alongside is a visual commentary that prods and provokes, even as it makes you laugh.

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Age 0+
Specifications 148 pages; 8.5" x 5.5"; black and white; soft cover
Awards 2016: Honour Book (Nonfiction), The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Awards

This Tamil edition of Kancha Iliah’s seminal work, Turning the Pot, Tilling the Land: Dignity of labour in our times (Navayana Publishing) has been translated in the engaging and informative spirit of the original by educationist Aruna Rathnam, and marks a milestone in Tamil publishing for children.
          Children’s books the world over tend to shy away from tackling troubling issues such as caste, race and class. Professor Iliah not only breaks this ‘taboo’ but uses a creative and analytical approach to get young people to rethink disdain for manual labour. He throws light on the social, economic and historic aspects of the lives of adivasis, cattle-rearers, leatherworkers, potters, farmers, weavers, dhobis and barbers, and takes readers through the science and art of their skills so they understand the value of the work done by these communities considered ‘backward’. Bhopal-based artist Durgabai Vyam's stunning folk-style illustrations speak visually for the dignity of labour. 
          With tidbits of interesting information, the book encourages the reader to ask questions such as: Who discovered the first detergent soap in India? Who discovered the science of making leather out of animal skin? Who created scripts as they crafted pots? The book is for all those who wish to engage proactively with issues of  discrimination.