Become A Friend
If you love both books and working with children, here’s an opportunity to combine pleasure with perhaps a bit of business occasionally. Our Friends take forth our books into the world in many different ways. We, in turn, truly value their focused promotion, feedback, and the fresh perspectives they bring to Tulika.
1. Who is a Friend? 

Anyone who wants to share our books with children through activities and readings. There are no neat slots or categories – it could be a discerning parent, just a book lover, or someone good with activities. Remember, our picture books come in nine languages so there’s room for many ideas. 

2. What’s the difference between being a Friend and a Partner? 

A Partner sells books through book-based activities. A Friend promotes books through activities.

3. Can I sell books if I want to, along with the activity? 

Of course! We’ll give you books at a discount based on the number ordered.  

4. What kinds of activities can I conduct?

Storytelling, theatre, art and craft workshops, innovating products and learning aids based on the books, developing imaginative ideas for literacy programmes, language learning and classroom projects... These are just some. There’s a lot of scope for creative learning through books, so feel free to explore. 

5. Can the activities include sessions with authors and illustrators?

Certainly – we’d be happy to put you in touch with whoever is in your part of the country/world.

6. So what are the advantages of being a Friend of Tulika?

• Sharing your love of reading with children – the best way to make them readers
• Opportunities to meet and interact with like-minded people
• Getting to know more about children's books
• Doing something you like, at your own pace and schedule
• Making money – by selling books, or being paid by the centre where you do the activity

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