Become A Partner
Thanks to partnerships with individuals and organisations committed to furthering the cause of children’s books in inventive ways, the reach of our books has steadily extended. The focus of these enriching collaborations is to consolidate and raise the quality of reading resources for children, in different languages.
1. Who is a Partner?

Anyone – individual or organisation – who promotes our books in some or all languages through book related activities, and combines it with sale of books on a regular basis. 

2. What is the difference between being a Partner and a Friend? 

A Friend promotes books through activities. A Partner sells books through book based activities. 

3. What kinds of activities does a Partner conduct?

Storytelling, theatre, art and craft workshops, innovating products and learning aids based on the books, developing imaginative ideas for literacy programmes, language learning and classroom projects... These are just some. There’s a lot of scope for creative learning through books, so feel free to explore. 

With their special skills and expertise, our various Partners are transforming our books into exciting formats and products.

4. Can the activities include sessions with authors and illustrators?

Certainly – we’d be happy to put you in touch with whoever is in your part of the country/world.

5. What are the terms on which a Partner gets the books?  

We give attractive discounts, depending on the number of books taken. 

6. What support does Tulika provide?  

Tulika will publicise the event through its monthly newsletters and social media. Soft copies of posters and fliers can also be designed and sent to you, should you need them. 

Write to us to with a copy to for a discussion.