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India Through Archaeology: Excavating History - 2018 The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award winner is a visually vibrant book has an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond conventional subject boundaries.

India through People: 25 Game Changers - What does it take for a person to alter the course of a nation? Spotlighting 25 such change-making individuals, the book looks at the times in which they lived, the challenges they dealt with, and the paths they forged.

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Age 10+
Specifications Hard Cover
ISBN 978-93-5046-840-1, 978-93-89203-17-2

India Through Archaeology: Excavating History:

Superhero action carved on rocks... A headless statue... Royal inscriptions on pillars and copper plates... Glass fragments from a lost city... These may sound like clips from a fantasy thriller, but are in fact objects unearthed at archaeological sites across the country — and the stories they throw up are just as exciting!

India through People: 25 Game Changers:

The radical churn in society and politics, art and culture, science and technology, which makes up the recent history of modern India, was propelled by individuals – women and men who had the vision, courage and determination to leave behind a footprint of change. This second book in the India Focus series looks at some of these extraordinary game changers.