Ammu’s Bottle Boat (English)

Author : Niveditha Subramaniam
Illustrator : Aindri C

When she sets her plastic bottle boat to bob from stream to sea, Ammu doesn’t know what danger she has set adrift – that it might end up in the belly of a whale. The light verse that follows the journey of the bottle boat evokes the casual carelessness with which we destroy the natural world, while illustrations underline that horror with a clever spin on a Japanese art form. Fish and sea creatures used as printing plates in ‘Gyotaku’ are replaced here with plastic objects like bottle caps and bubble wrap – and the displacement of nature with modern-day trash is complete.

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Age 4+
Specifications 36 pages; 9” x 9”; full colour; soft cover
ISBN 978-93-90834-46-4
First Published 2021
Tags recycling, sustainability, environment, underwater, educational