Anupama Iyer

Anupama Iyer studied Communication Design at DJ Academy of Design in Coimbatore. Interested in illustration and graphic design, she also enjoys watching films of varying genres and loves reading mythology, graphic novels, fiction and non fiction, all of which kindle her imagination.

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    Pranav loves to paint pictures — of flowers, cars and mountains in red, blue, green and yellow. But now his book is full! As this ‘artist-in-residence’ searches for his canvas, quirky illustrations bring to life a favourite childhood pastime!

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    Who ate the dosas? Amma makes dosas but they keep disappearing! A story in which children have the last laugh! They will also experience the fun and excitement of making the pictures move. There are instructions on how they can do that at the end of the book. CBSE recommended

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    Not everyone has two grandfathers quite like Amol’s! From the way they look to the way they speak, the food they eat and the way they think, they couldn’t be more different. But both are “interested in everything, afraid of nothing and capable of anything”. And they dote on Amol. This comes with perks, but it also means that Amol has to indulge them their...