Kanchon Mitra

Kanchon Mitra is a graphic designer based in New Delhi. He has freelanced on a range of communication design projects. He enjoys new challenges and prefers to break away from conventional approaches to work and style.

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    It's time to get ready for school and the little girl in this book is still in a world of dreams – of tigers, elephants, the sea... And as she tries to hurry up, her grandmother tells her the secret of what made her father go to school. Inspired by the author’s father's experience at a government-aided school, the text and pictures capture the child's...

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    This zippy zestful grand-ant has travelled the world, and how! This smart ‘travel quiz' comes in crisp, cheery verse that jogs the mind even as it swings the imagination. Clues come through words and pictures, taking children on a whirlwind journey from New Zealand to Japan, China, Nepal... But how does grand-ant travel?