Maithili Joshi

Maithili Joshi loves working with children’s storybooks and believes in the power of cartoon to cultivate good thought. She worked on Anya and her Baby Brother and What Makes Me, ME during an internship with Tulika. She is now pursuing her passion for illustration and cartooning with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and hopes to spark children’s imaginations with many, many more books.

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    Your family, the shape of your nose, what you love to eat, the words you use, what makes you happy or sad, the keepsakes you collect... Lots of little things come together to make you YOU, and me ME. This little picture book distills big ideas of evolution, biology, psychology and more for young minds. It conveys how each unique ME adds up to a diverse...

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    Pouting and shouting – that’s what Anya has been doing ever since her baby brother came along. Because he is a “special child”, her mother says, and needs special care all the time. And Anya is fed up. Then along comes a butterfly – no, a butterbeing! – who takes her up into the clouds, where she sees how a bit of this and a bit of that is mixed together...