Manjari Chakravarti

Manjari Chakravarti spent most of her childhood between the covers of picture books. When she grew up, she studied art, drew, painted, sculpted and did printmaking. She also loves to write her own stories. Manjari lives and works in Shantiniketan.

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    A little girl spills, drops, breaks, trips on things. She is called Clumsy, Slowcoach, Careless... words that scare away all other words. But in her head, words become stories and stories, pictures – and with a box of paints and a brush, she sweeps herself away from the names people call her! Vivid watercolours lift her from her everyday milieu into a...

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    Renchu prods her grandmother for a story. But her Daadi’s stories are never told straight. She is “sometimes in the story and sometimes out of it”. And as she moves in an out, we see two worlds – one of a time when they were people of the forest, and one of now when they have been forced into cities as ragpickers. The illustrations too flit between the...

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    A boy finds a little seed and plants it. What will grow out of it, he wonders — a tree, a butterfly, a mountain? Manjari Chakravarti’s evocative pictures soar with the child’s imagination, capturing the hope and anticipation and the small dose of reality! 2019: Jarul Book Award (shortlisted)