N Bindhu Malini

N Bindhu Malini holds degrees in both Fine Arts and Music. She went on to do a Masters in Visual Communication and followed it up with a specialisation in Graphic Design at NID, Ahmedabad. A trained classical Carnatic vocalist, Bindhu trained in Hindustani Music under Ustad Rashid Khan at Kolkata even while working as an independent illustrator and a graphic designer.

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    Vibrant colours, delicate motifs, evocative pictures, sharp sayings, freewheeling songs... These are the spices that brew in India's folk tradition and flavour its stories. The telling of these timeless stories is an ideal way of engaging comfortably with contemporary concerns, diverse subjects and curriculum workloads in schools today. This 'how to' of...

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    The Chola ruler King Parthiban has a dream… he wants to make his empire the most powerful in the region. However, before he can do this, he is killed in battle. With the rising might of the Pallavas, how is his young son to fulfil this dream? A dramatic moment in history is recreated in this racy thriller by a master raconteur! With heart-stopping twists...