Niloufer Wadia

Niloufer Wadia started as a visualiser and was in advertising for over 20 years. She then took a sudden decision to leave and see if she could make a career of her first love, illustrations and painting. She did, and very successfully!

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    Everybody likes Adil Ali but nobody likes his shoes! They are old and worn, patched and sewn. So his friends decide to gift him a pair of shiny brown shoes for Eid. And then begins the problem – his old shoes won’t leave him! 

  • Rs. 175.00

    Graa-aaa-aaa-ooo-oon! Every time Beni Ram tries to sell his camel, Bholu promptly trots back. “The villagers use vans now instead of camel-carts. Nobody wants to give your old man a job anymore,” says a gloomy Beni Ram. But fate has surprising plans for the out-of-luck Beni Ram and his beloved camel... 2017: South Asia Book Award: Honor Book

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    When the lights go off at the cave temples, it is quiet little Kanna who coolly leads everyone to safety. Light or no light, it makes no difference because he can't see anyway. A joyous story that inverts the notion of ‘disability' and portrays a child for whom having a visual impairment is just the way he is — and even a chance to have some fun!

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    “My dear, it’s time for bed,” says Ma. But “Can a frog stand on its head?” wonders her little girl. Lost in a world where she must learn to fly with birds in the sky, snuggle a whale, kiss the kangaroo… she has so much to do! Sleep? Not yet!

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    Gundu and Keeri Humongoose take a decision! To move out of the jungle! And so begins their adventure into the unknown… filled with danger from two-legged creatures. Funny and quirky, the story is sprinkled with concerns about the environment, and with little-known mongoose traits that author Zai Whitaker knows well – she’s had them as pets!