Priyankar Gupta

Priyankar Gupta is an animation film designer and illustrator from NID, Ahmedabad. He is a pre-visualiser for television commercials and feature films, and is visiting faculty and mentor at design institutes across the country. His passion is children's book illustration and animation education.

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    When rock bees build a bee colony in Gowri's balcony, her mother decides to ask Mr Ramaiah, an expert on bees, for help. They don't have to be killed, the bee master tells Gowri and her mother. Just moved to a safer place, safe for us and for them. The little girl watches fascinated… And as she learns about bees and the environment, we too are drawn into...

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    Sky monkeys like nothing better than to float for hours. Then one day, a naughty little sky monkey does something most unskymonkeylike and there is a huge hullabaloo up above. What does she do that upsets everybody so much? Whimsical pictures add just the mood to this gently happy story that was inspired by light white clouds in a blue sky.