Shailja Jain

Shailja Jain studied Animation Film Design at NID, Ahmedabad. She now works on freelance projects in Animation, Graphics and Illustrations. Shailja likes to sketch and illustrate especially for children's books and she has done quite a few. She loves dogs, trees and cycling and likes to roam around and discover stories, whenever and wherever she can.

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    Sabri draws wherever she can. On the floor of the hut with rough chalk, or with her one and only pencil on paper from old notebooks. She draws her world – the sun coming up from behind the hills, the chicken, the goats... Then one day in school she sees long colour pencils, and paint that comes out of bottles. After that it isn't enough for her to draw –...

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    When the clouds begin to rumble, out tumbles the naughty wind Jhakkad. Oooo... he blows looking for mischief. The rich, evocative illustrations sweep the reader through this one stormy night.

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    Trisha is counting the number of beautiful peacocks on her mother’s saree when one curious peacock jumps off to explore the world. Trisha follows on his tail. What we get is a high-speed chase through a bustling market, onto an umbrella, onto a tree... and find out where else! Detailed pictures create vibrant scenarios where children will have fun...

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    Yak yak yak... the tortoise loves to talk – and learns the hard way that keeping his mouth shut is sometimes very necessary! The clipped narrative style pares the original fable from the Panchatantra down to its essence with dramatic effect in this bilingual retelling. It is offset by decorative, detailed illustrations in the style of kalamkari textiles...

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    Every morning, Ajji's village is decorated with rangolis. Also called muggu, kolam, alpona... these are dots, lines, flower designs. Found on the ground, on the wall, everywhere. Food for ants and fun for birds, dogs and children! The illustrations carry the exuberance of these earthy patterns.