Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen studied animation at NID, Ahmedabad. She loves colours, sea shells, pink butterfly clips, yelling, singing, dreaming and creating pictures. She illustrated Padma goes to Space as part of her diploma project.

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    Murali is being chased… by a parrot! Like all parrots this one keeps repeating what he says, but also keeps copying what he DOES. What kind of a bothersome bird is this that has Murali in a flap? Find out in this charming caper of a story! Adding whimsy to the chase is the fun-filled use of different languages. Playful pictures capture what it means to be...

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    Every night, Kukku wants his father to tell him his favourite story. It is about the giant Kumbhakarna who sleeps non-stop for six months – and Kukku falls asleep just as Kumbhakarna does. In Kukku's dream, everyone is trying everything to wake up the giant. Nothing works! A lively retelling of an episode from the Ramayana with wildly funny pictures....

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    Somewhere in the universe, little children in butterfly-shaped time machines eat scrumptious star-rock salad from Galaxy Stellar 5689, and a volcano erupts fruit juice that freezes into ice-cream! Padma is sure of that — because that's what it says in her book. How books give wing to imagination, how flights of fantasy can be as real as the world around…...

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    A big box, her grandparents' walking sticks, Amma's long red dupatta… Neelu has everything she needs for her big, strong fort. But – oh no – she trips and falls, and the box becomes flat! Whacky pictures take us on a colourful ride into a child's imagination. 2018: Best of Indian Children's Writing: Contemporary

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    A little boy dreams of becoming a fisherman, a potter... a dancer! Imaginative ideas lead children into different worlds. Bold, colourful pictures on the pages are labelled with words in two languages – one familiar, and a translation in a less familiar one – so that children can string them to together to tell their own stories while they learn a...

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    A wacky lot of numbers have the time of their life! This all-time favourite Punjabi rhyme has been adapted as a fun board book for toddlers who will love the bold, clear and colourful visuals as well.