Tanvi Bhat

Tanvi Bhat is a Mumbai-based freelance illustrator who enjoys working on children's books. She works with water colour and draws inspiration from all the things she sees while out exploring vibrant streets wherever she goes.

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    When Fakruddin worries, he gets frantic. And Frantic Fakru is now worried because his fridge is spoilt, the day is hot, and he is desperate for cold water. What does he do? A light-hearted story with a smart idea and cheerful watercolour illustrations which bring alive the ambience of Fakru's neighbourhood in Bhopal. Originally in Hindi

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    A boy who doesn’t stop talking, furry cats and clacking needles... Shobha has a dream every night, but she always wakes up before they end. How do these dreams end? She really has to know. “Write them down,” says English Miss. And that’s what Shobha does. “The more she wrote, the more she wrote, and the more she wrote. She wrote and wrote.” The interplay...

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    Playtime on the terrace takes a turn when a strong wind sweeps Chhotu off his feet and carries him up and away to the clouds and the birds! The light and lively illustrations whirl us to the sky and back.