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The City Of Lions (English)

Author : Suniti Namjoshi
Illustrator : Proiti Roy

Singapore, the ‘city of lions', is under threat and Gardy the Lion Cub rushes there with the others to save it. But what if the guardians of the city are themselves the cause of all the trouble?

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Age 8+
Specifications 68 Pages; 8.5” x 5.5”; black & white; soft cover
ISBN 978-81-8146-778-2
First Published 2009

Is Gardy the lost lion cub prince who, legend says, will return to save the City of Lions? He isn't quite sure but rushes there all the same in response to an urgent email, along with the other adventurers. They find that the city is indeed under threat – from its very own haughty, crotchety, bickering guardians, Sir Leon and The Old Woman Under the Sea. The first book in the third set of the series sees the friends in a different part of the world – Singapore, the 'city of lions'. And this time their challenge is far from straightforward. How do they make the two venerable guardians see that they themselves are the problem? In another entertaining story, the author opens up our eyes to what seeing clearly is all about.