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    The postal parrot brings a cryptic letter with a British stamp addressed to ‘Aditi and Friends' — an urgent plea for help. The four friends rush to London, and find themselves on prime time news!

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    He unfurled a turquoise baleand draped it on the tigerWho, in the manner of a modeltwirled before the mirror Watch out – there’s a tiger strolling through a Jaipur bazaar! But wait. Is he looking for prey… or PRINTS? A wildly whacky saga of a runaway tiger from Ranthambore, in deliciously slick verse, with colour-popping pictures, that will have you...

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    Powerful pictures run a visual narrative in this story about a young boy named by his mother after her favourite movie star’s super-flop film – Sura!Sura grows up selling stickers at the Velankanni Church, climbing tall palms and playing under the tamarind tree. Until the day his grandfather arrives. His Thatha is different – a boom boom maatukaarar who...

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    design Satwik Gade Meet Vikram Agnihotri, India’s first double-arm amputee to get a car driving licence and then become a racing driver. Losing both his upper limbs after a terrible accident when he was only seven, the rest of his life has been all about moving on, buoyed by his parents, with spirit and cheer. This book is that story. Told by Vikram...

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