Our select list of paperbacks has contemporary novellas, adventure stories, teenage diaries, fantasy, historical fiction, graphic novels, anthologies and literary nonsense verse, spanning a range of styles, formats and themes. 

Adventure, mystery, graphic novel, novella, verse, diary — an eclectic collection of fictional genres for young people eight years and older, by contemporary writers with a distinctive voice and sensibility. 

Infused with magic realism, these 12 books feature Aditi and her Friends – an ant, a one-eyed monkey, an elephant and two dragons. Their adventures take them to different countries, even to outer space and cyberspace, and also raise questions about identity, character and friendship. Books that make you think, from an internationally renowned author.

Diverse themes form the core of these anthologies – from issues of gender, the environment, and communal and global harmony, to stories that are just fun to read aloud.

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