Tulika’s imaginatively created children’s books pioneered a fresh wave in Indian publishing in 1996. An independent publishing house based in Chennai, our focus is on picture books for children in English and other Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali for the most part and, sometimes others too  – so that more children can access books in a language familiar to them They offer a range of experiences that are inclusive and representative: of different childhoods, of different social milieus, of different cultural contexts. The visual language too is diverse, with the traditional alongside the contemporary. Tulika’s books are for all children, anywhere, and speak in many voices.

Kaka the crow is our logo – a bright, busy, intelligent bird that is an unmissable part of the sights and sounds of India! And ‘tulika’ is the old-fashioned feather quill, which dips into the old and the new to give children a sense of their world.


As we cross a full quarter century…

Publisher Radhika Menon on winning the London Book Fair’s International Excellence Award for Children’s and Young Adult Publisher, 2022

"As we cross a full quarter century of publishing for children, this is an award that validates a vision we have had from the start and carried through undeterred! Our tagline ‘Many languages, many voices’ defined our publishing programme and opened us up to stories that have gone against normative notions of childhood as reflected in most children’s books. Between languages and cultures, we uncovered a wealth of what we wanted to publish – stories of different childhoods that we could give back to children everywhere through translations. The LBF Literary Translation Initiative Award in 2019 appreciated these efforts and the excellence of our multilingual programme. Now to be recognised in the international publishing space again, and in a wider and more prominent measure, with the LBF Children’s and Young Adult Publishers Award 2022 is a very significant honour. It confirms for all of us that children’s publishing has always been about going beyond the boundaries of language and culture."