Priya Narayanan talks
"The book tells his [Ramanujan’s] extraordinary story from Madras Port Trust clerk to immortal genius — a reminder that journeys have no limits"

Author Priya Narayanan talks about her fascination for Ramanujan and her award-winning Srinivasa Ramanujan – Friend of Numbers.  The Hindu

Big Rain
"Tulika Books’ Red by Sagar Kolwankar shows how armed conflict impacts the everyday lives and simple joys of children. Gayatri Bashi’s Big Rain illustrated by TR Rajesh, written after the Kerala floods, reminds us that if we look after nature, it will look after us"

Columnist Menaka Raman writes in The New Indian Express about publishers tackling tough topics with sensitivity and nuance.  

Sandhya Rao
"Read about Ustad Zakir Hussain’s childhood in author Sandhya Rao’s new book for children"

Author Sandhya Rao talks about her popular book Zakir and His Tabla: Dha Dhin Na in  The Hindu

Suhasini Maniratnam and Kalki Koechlin
"When actors took to reading poems for children at home during COVID-19 lockdown"

Actors Suhasini Maniratnam and Kalki Koechlin speak to The Hindu about their experiences being a part of Tulika’s ‘Many Voices... Many Languages... Many Stories...’ campaign, also covered by Asiaville News and Mylapore Times.

Talking Tales From Tulika
"The podcast has storytelling at its heart, and spans across a variety of themes, including friendship, acceptance, and more"

Lots of cheer and coverage for our ‘Talking Tales From Tulika’ podcast! Our publisher Radhika Menon speaks to The Hindu and Indian Express.

Rooster Raga
"A whole new online world"

The Hindu and the Deccan Herald curate a list of literature available online for kids and Tulika’s digital footprint gets a mention.

Tiji and Cheenu
"A warm blanket of a read"

Children’s author Shruthi Rao writes in the Deccan Herald about the comfort and intimacy of reading in local languages, with a special mention to our bilingual books!

Zyrus the Virus
"Book on the pandemic invites eight-plussers on an adventure to save the world"

Author and naturalist Zai Whitaker discusses her latest sci-fi e-book Zyrus the Virus in The Hindu, and Indian Cultural Forum.

Indian Languages
"Evolving to embrace all audiences"

Our publisher Radhika Menon talks to Ruth Dsouza Prabhu in the Firstpost about being a multilinguistic publisher and the demand for literature in Indian languages among children

"Bringing History, something I love, to children has been a wonderful experience."

Devika Cariapa's interview on winning the 2019 Bal Sahitya Puraskar in The New Indian Express

"Honest, simple and non-preachy."

Picture Gandhi translators' interview by The Hindu Metroplus and The Indian Express

"Picture Gandhi in 6 North Eastern Languages."

'Chief Minister Pema Khandu released the book on Gandhi Jayanthi at Itanagar. The event was covered by  Northeast Now, Arunachal Times, & Eastern Sentinal.

"Little hearts beat most to the magic of picture books."

'How Tulika Books is creating impact in children’s lives through picture books' by Nandini Varma for

"The Making of India."

Author Devika Cariapa talks about India through People: 25 Gamechangers to Akila Kannadasan at the Hindu.The second book in the 'India in Focus' Series.

"Guthli spreads her wings."

Four newspapers covered Guthli! Author & Illustrator Kanak Shashi spoke to Mid-Day, The Hindu Metroplus, The New Indian Express, and Livemint about her latest book Guthli has Wings.

"Adventures of the Humangoose family"

Author & environmentalist Zai Whitaker talks about her latest book in The Hindu Metroplus on World Environment Day

"14 years later, Malli is back to share the joy of giving"

Malli is Coming! featured in The New Indian Express.

"Amma doesn't always make dosas"

Dosa Amma Dosa mentioned in The Hindu among books that take gender-sensitivity to children in heart-warming ways

"“Books are meant for everyone, and this includes all kinds of children."

Radhika Menon speaks to The Hindu about Books that sensitise children to disability

"The indication was clear that a new generation of girls needed stories that would tell them they were limitless"

Author-illustrator Tara Anand featured in the Mint Lounge article 'Books for girls who are limitless'

"It became impossible to ignore the lack of female narratives"

Author-illustrator Tara Anand speaks to The Hindu, Metro Plus about the trailblazer, Warrior Women

"A for art"

Nina Sabnani on her work  awakening children to the rich legacy of Indian arts and crafts

"What about children with mental challenges?"

Author Mini Shrinivasan on her picture book about a child with Down's Syndrome, I Didn't Understand

"Children love to listen to and sing peppy songs..."

Actor-author Janaki Sabesh talks about her book, The Jungle Storytelling Festival

"Who came up with the idea of war?"

The children's responses and the launch of the picture book, Red, In the Chennai Express.

"My name is Red"

On the launch of our path-breaking picture book, Red, in The Hindu

"Writer Rinchin tells stories of people whose voices go unheard"

The Hindu speaks to the riveting Rinchin on her book that talks about coal mining in Chhatisgarh, I Will Save My Land

Launching the superstar superhero Shrinking Vanita

The wonderful Manjula Padmanabhan launched her latest book, Shrinking Vanita

On Manjula and Shrinking Vanita speaks to the multi-faceted Manjula Padmanabhan on her latest book, Shrinking Vanita and more!

Launching The Colour Thief + Tulika Bookstore's first event

Joined Sandhya Rao in launching the fabulous picture book, The Colour Thief, our first event at the new Tulika Bookstore.

"... children’s literature has seen an increase in accessible book formats, and storylines featuring protagonists with disabilities... "

New Indian Express showcases some of our books featuring children with disabilities.

Winners of The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Awards 2018

Thrilled that we bagged ALL awards in the four categories. Here is the official announcement.

“On International Day of Disabled Persons, here are ten children’s books that feature disabled children as the heroes of their own stories.”

Catch That Cat!, Kanna Panna, Why Are You Afraid to Hold My Hand?, Wings to Fly are on Bijal Vachharajani’s list of Ten Indian books featuring disabled children that every child (and parent) should read.

“Young World-Goodbooks Awards shortlist is out”

Gone Grandmother, Unhappy Moon, The Boy with Two Grandfathers, Excavating History are on the shortlist.

“Proiti Roy’s illustrations are evocative and sensitive with attention to texture, color, form and movement.”

Proiti Roy, who’s illustrated many Tulika books, wins the Big little Book award for Illustrator!

“As the elephant motif evolves, publishers say they are more sensitive of its portrayal”

mention  of the Aditi adventures, among other books, which features Beautiful, the elephant.

“It’s not often that a children’s book gets taken seriously, but this one deserves all the attention it has been getting.”

Excavating History is on Meenakshi Reddy Mahadevan’s recommended reading list in the Hindu Business Line.

“The book is a reminder that sometimes you just don’t need words to tell a story.”

Bijal Vachharajani explores the wonderful world of Ammachi’s Glasses in the Hindu.

“The beauty of Ammachi’s Glasses is in its details.”

Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri writes about Ammachi’s Glasses in

“A list of movies, documentaries and books to help you enjoy your day of freedom better.”

Mukand and Riaz is on Nimi Kurian’s list of movies, documentaries and books that celebrate Independence Day in The Hindu.

“How do you begin talking to a child about death and coping with loss?”

According to Bijal Vachharajani The Boy with 2 Grandfathers and Gone Grandmother show the way in

“In Pooni and the Taj Mahal, as Minnie and her family explore the Taj, young readers get to see the monument from different perspectives, including a bird’s eye view.”

Manjula Padmanabhan talks about Pooni at the Taj Mahal and her itinerant childhood in the Hindu.

“At a community library read-aloud, disability manifests as absence”

Purnima Rao, a volunteer at The Community Library Project describes her experience of reading the joyous Kanna Panna at a library in South Delhi.

“After my first book for Tulika Publishers, I asked if they would be interested in a fresh version of Visit/Market — this time set in Madras, with a little girl and a cat — and they said ‘yes’.”

Manjula Padmanabhan speaks about Pooni at the Taj Mahal in an interview with the Indian Express.

“Sandhya Rao’s Dream Writer spoke to little minds in more ways than one.”

Praba Ram describes her experience of reading Dream Writer to children.

“Tulika books has a series on Looking at Art and they felt this could be a part of it, which made it all the more exciting to take this to such a platform.”

Nina Sabnani talks about the origins of A for Ajrakh in Mid-Day.

“…how does a child who doesn’t want to sleep delay bedtime? Where does her imagination take her…?”

Nandana Dev Sen speaks about her latest book, Not Yet! in an interview with the Hindu.

"These books are, in typical Tulika fashion, bright and cheerful.”

Young mother, Aarabi Veeraraghavan, writes about our hit Baby Board Books.

"Here's three children’s books featuring disability that fared beautifully against my wish list”

Roshni Subash of Sexuality and Disability blog lists out her favourites and why.

"Tulika’s bilingual picture books are a rage in India and abroad”

DNA Mumbai gives a quick view of the children's book market in India

"Visuals that also show settings which all children can relate to regardless of their economic or social backgrounds can make a book inclusive”

The News Minute focuses on how Indian children's books are challenging stereotypes

"I have my eye on the lovely bilingual books from Tulika Books so she will learn Tamil.”

A mom writes in The Hindu about her baby who already loves to nibble books, and how it is just a matter of time before she starts reading them including Tulika's!

"Multilingual publishing is a challenge every step of the way.”

KitaabWorld speaks to Managing Editor Radhika Menon to learn more about the intersection of knowledge, imagination and the process behind this multilingual undertaking.

"We didn’t know where we were heading, but we were completely convinced it was the way forward.”

Publisher Radhika Menon talks to Metro Plus about Tulika's 20 year journey

"They were immensely supportive"

Bangalore based Divya talks about being an independent seller of children's books – especially Tulika books

"the first Khasi book for children and first Mishmi book ever"

Mid-Day features the popular Hambreelmai's Loom and Race of the Rivers

“I enjoy talking to kids; it is more worthwhile than talking to adults.”

Writer Zai Whitaker shares her experiences writing for children

"The book recently won the Sahitya Akademi’s Bal Sahitya Puraskar 2015 award"

Authors of Mayil diaries share their thoughts with Metro Plus, Chennai

"... gender assumptions lead to a culture where masculine values are perceived to be better"

Writer Sowmya Rajendran sheds some light on the gener-bender-trendsetter, Gender Talk: Big Hero, Size Zero

“ is children who often have the power to observe things that adults miss”

Writer-fabulist Suniti Namjoshi talks about her latest picture book and more

“I’m lucky to be doing the one thing I most love,”

Wildlife filmmaker and photographer Shekar Dattatri elaborates on his latest picture book, Ira the Little Dolphin

"Catch That Cat for children is a celebration of how a girl with disability manages life on her own"

A feature on Catch That Cat!, released in view of International Day of Persons with Disabilities

“Dip Dip, you see, is already at ease with her disability.”

Drawing parallels between the hit movie, Margharita with a Straw and Catch That Cat! – how society views disability