1. What are the areas I can intern in? 

• Book illustration
• Book design
• Digital books/apps design
• Editorial

2. How long would the internship be?

• A short term internship is for two months
• A long term internship is for four months or more

3. What is the process?

Write to us (work@tulikabooks.com) with your area of interest, your résumé and a portfolio of your work.
State clearly whether you’d like to intern short term or long term, and the exact period. 

4. When should I apply?

Around 4-6 months before, or even earlier. The best time would be in December-January as that is when we plan schedules, and can allocate work for you accordingly.

5. Will I be paid a stipend? 

Yes, enough to cover basic boarding and lodging costs. 

6. How can I find accommodation? 

We have a regular flow of interns, so we do have a list of suitable accommodation which we’d be happy to share. But you will have to fix and finalise a place on your own