1. How do I submit a manuscript?

By email to submissions@tulikabooks.com, as a Word doc or PDF. Please include… 

• For picture books: the story (and pictures, if illustrated)
• For fiction: synopsis, chapter outlines and two sample chapters
• For non-fiction: synopsis, chapter outlines and two sample chapters
• For graphic novels: synopsis, chapter outlines and two illustrated sample chapters

2. May I send hard copies of my writing/illustrations? 

You may, if you have difficulty in sending your work by email. However, we will not be able to return it to you, so do send only a copy. 

3. How long do you take to review manuscripts?

A minimum of three months. During this period we will be unable to respond to status checks. Reminders after three months are welcome. We get a large number of submissions and are not always able to keep to the schedules, much as we would like to, hence the possible delays. 

4. May I send more than one manuscript?


5. Do I have to find an illustrator for my manuscript?

No. We get the illustrations done.

6. May I submit my manuscript to other publishers as well?

You may, after the three months review time we ask for – and we would appreciate it if you inform us when you do. Do not send us manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publishers.

7. How can I work with Tulika as an illustrator?

Send in your portfolio as a PDF to submissions@tulikabooks.com, or an online link to your work, along with contact details. We’ll get in touch when we have a suitable project to offer.

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