This perfect Sunday we both kneaded!--- @sreetamabagchi


...A big thank you to all the original story tellers, the scriptwriters, the illustrators and the publishers for taking us places and through time!---@seetha_gopalakrishnan



We made the "girl" from Boo's book called the Magic Feather .The book is all about eye catching beautiful illustrations. The amazing part is the writer had crafted the 3D character from an old book. ..We have tried to re - create the same with our old newspapers which were used as liners in the closet and old cardboard rolls that came as packagin—— @boosmamaknowsitall

... The illustrations in the book really catch your eye, S and I loved the triangles and we did our own version of Ekki, Dokki, and family.  I bought S a cone of Mendhi (henna) paste and applied it to his hands. He was so excited he sat there drying his hands and looking outside the window for a while. Reminded me of days when we used to apply Mehndi often during festivities and use Shikakai powder as a shampoo. ——@learningtobeamum


"Warli art mud houses ❤️As we read -Dancing on Walls, a gem from Tulika Books that takes a whimsical journey on how the art may have been born, I knew anwarli art session was coming up".--@mommyingtales 

“...It is fun from a toddlers eyes and a lot of times I have caught Dhwani taking a book and sitting by herself talking in broken English/Tamil and narrating the story!! The Baby Bahadur & friends series of books have been a favourite after Gajapati Kulapati and a loooot of other gems like maharani the cow too!! " --@fitnesscoach.saranya




"One of our all time favourite books is Boodabim.So today sia randomly said let's make Boodabim. We started out and discovered that mixing black and white will give us grey.Mama drew Boodabim and sia used cotton to stamp the grey paint onto Boodabim's body. I outlined the elephant again and voila our Boodabim was ready..." --@mommytosiabear 



"Even though kumbhakaran was known for his sleep mania, we are treating him with all foods from animals, to cars n all sorts of Dal too.This kept kaira busy for good amount of time, n she keeps coming back to him again n again to feed him.The book Junior kumbhakaran is funny , with beautiful illustrations, but the reason my lo likes this most coz we bring in all our musical instruments n try playing them while waking the little kumbhakaran in the book."--@kreativedeams