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Author : Nina Sabnani
Illustrator : Nina Sabnani

Brilliantly adapted from a traditional storytelling form, the kaavad, this unusual stand-up book offers a contemporary, interactive look at ideas of identity and belonging.

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Age all ages
Specifications Foldout book; 14” x 8.5”; full colour
ISBN 978-81-8146-699-0
First Published 2009
Tags meaning of home, family, identity, belonging, humans, animals, nature, storytelling tool, kaavad, modern kaavad

Nina Sabnani's storytelling house is an unusual stand-up book which unfolds visual narratives like multiple windows on a computer screen! She brilliantly adapts a traditional storytelling from India and creates an interactive book with a contemporary look and feel. The Kaavad is a portable wooden shrine used by traditional storytellers in Rajasthan, India. Its many-hinged panels display vibrantly painted scenes from local myths and folktales. The Kaavadiya Bhat narrates the stories, opening up each painted panel as he goes along, pointing each figure with a peacock feather. Through the stories he reinforces inter-connections within his community and establishes his own space in it. In much the same way, Nina invites readers, young and old, to use her storytelling house. Her words and pictures inspire discussions around ideas of home, family, identity and belonging. HOME opens windows for communication in any language, anywhere in the world.