The Rooster That Would Not Crow (English)

Author : Cheryl Rao
Illustrator : Niloufer Wadia

Our rooster came when he was small

With bristly crest and comb and all…

We watched him strut, we watched him grow,

And waited – waited – for him to crow.

But this young rooster simply refuses to. Until one momentous day in his life – when he lays an egg, and the kuk-roo-kooos burst out of him! Lilting verse rides us jauntily along, bringing us to a sudden head on with this most unusual situation. Or is it so strange, after all? And does it matter?
A cleverly spun allegorical tale with joyous pictures that is about facing, and embracing, possible gender realities.


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Age 5+
Specifications 24 pages; 8” x 8”; full colour; soft cover
ISBN 978-81-972347-0-5
First Published 2024
Tags gender, identity, rooster, verse, allegory