Prabha Mallya

Prabha Mallya is an illustrator and comics creator. She is known for pasting insects in chapter margins, pressing flowers into endpapers, populating spines with kittens and seeing the world through dystopic tinted glasses. She is at her happiest when fussing around with inks and stubby pencils, and frequently has black fingernails.

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    “You shouldn’t trouble black ants, Kuhu. They are god’s little ants,” says Kuhu’s mother, as she stops her from catching a plump, wiggly black ant. If this really is god’s little ant, Kuhu thinks, then it should lead her to where god lives? And so begins little Kuhu’s sprightly search for the answer, as she starts to tail the ant to the most unlikely of...

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    Zai’s uncle is the famous 'birdman of India' Salim Ali, everyone in her family is a birding expert, and she herself can’t so much as identify the pipit sitting right under her nose. In this delightful portrait of childhood, Zai Whitaker recounts her early birding woes and how she winged it. Prabha Mallya’s pictures pick up the humour, and are an arresting...

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    Maoo the kitten looks up — and there… above Murali Mama’s jolly smile is something thunderous and black, thick and curly… his moustache! Terrified, Maoo runs away. It takes more encounters with some fuzzy, reedy, bushy moustaches and a few long, soft, pointy whiskers for his hairy woes to end. This lively tale gets livelier with Prabha Mallya’s...