Suniti Namjoshi

Suniti Namjoshi is a fabulist and poet whose work is characterised by wit, irony, lyricism and pithy satire. Her books, published in India, Canada, Britain, the U.S., Europe and Australia, include the path-breaking Feminist Fables and Sycorax: New Fables and Poems. In the past few years she has been writing prolifically for children – the Aditi Adventures series, of which twelve have been published. Set in different parts of the world, the Aditi books can justifiably be termed the first truly ‘Indian’ series for children with an appeal that relates to children everywhere, with Chinese rights sold. The tone here is much gentler, but the questioning imagination which constantly surprises, so characteristic of her work for adults, is also found here. Suniti lives in Devon, U.K., designated an area of “outstanding natural beauty”, a home she loves. She spends time in the garden, watching birds, walking, observing, and grappling creatively with the computer. She loves kulfi and hard rock of the candy kind, and is an obliging photographer. She has also is the author of the timeless classic Blue and Other Stories.

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