Putul And The Dolphins/Putulum Dolphingalum (Tamil)

Author : Mariam Karim Ahlawat
Illustrator : Proiti Roy

Putul lives by the Ganga in a fishing village in Bengal. In the torrential monsoons one year, the mighty river swells over the banks and into the huts and two friendly dolphins come leaping in the water right through Putul's window. Worried that someone might kill them, Putul leads them back into the river. But the strong currents begin to sweep her away… The story highlights the empathetic relationship people share with nature when their everyday lives are so closely linked with it.

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Age 5+
Specifications 24 pages; 9.5” x 8.5”; full colour; soft cover
Translator Karkuzhali Sridhar
ISBN 978-81-8146-206-0
First Published 2006