Unknown Heroes of India's Freedom Struggle

Author : P Sainath
Illustrator : 16 of India's best illustrators

This unique collection of graphic narratives by illustrators from across the country, in their distinctive styles, tells stories of 16 forgotten foot soldiers of India’s freedom. Adapted from P. Sainath’s meticulously collected chronicles, it honours their contributions. Coming from varied regions and communities, speaking different languages and practising diverse beliefs, these not-so-ordinary people were united by one cause – a free India.

This graphic non-fiction is a rich visual document in which text and images communicate powerfully. As India enters its 77th year of Independence, it is meaningful to bring these stories to young people. It offers a true and complete picture of our hard-earned freedoms and why they need to be defended.


illustrated by Aindri C, Allen Shaw, Antara Raman, Anthoni Guruz, Bao, Ikroop Sandhu, Kavitha Balakrishnan, Kripa, Madhuja Mukherjee, Niveditha Subramaniam, Priya Kuriyan, Priyankar Gupta, Rajiv Eipe, Sagar Kolwankar, Satwik Gade, Siddhesh Gautam


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Age 11+
Specifications 236 pages, 9” x 6.5”, black and white, soft cover
ISBN 978-81-960332-5-5
First Published 2023
Tags history, Indian freedom struggle, India’s Independence movement, graphic nonfiction, forgotten freedom fighters