Boom Boom

Author : Prema Revathi
Illustrator : Anthoni Guruz

Powerful pictures run a visual narrative in this story about a young boy named by his mother after her favourite movie star’s super-flop film – Sura!
Sura grows up selling stickers at the Velankanni Church, climbing tall palms and playing under the tamarind tree. Until the day his grandfather arrives. His Thatha is different – a boom boom maatukaarar who travels through towns with his bull and drums, telling people their fortunes. His is a dying breed.
A robust coming-of-age story that weaves together real life stories told by the children of nomadic communities.

2023: Mehlli Gobhai Children's Book Illustrator Award (shortlisted) 

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Age 8+
Specifications 60 pages, 9” x 6.5”, full colour, soft cover
ISBN 978-81-958000-2-5
First Published 2022
Tags boom boom maattukaarar, nomadic communities, Tamil Nadu, nomadic people of Tamil Nadu