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Ekki Dokki (English)

Author : Sandhya Rao
Illustrator : Ranjan De

A timeless Marathi folktale about one-haired Ekki and two-haired Dokki, illustrated with happy triangles.

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Age 3+
Specifications 24 pages; 7” x 8.5”; full colour; soft cover
Rights sold English, Tamil and Malay (Malaysia and Singapore), Norwegian (Norway)
ISBN 978-81-8522-932-4
First Published 1996

An endearing Marathi folktale about two sisters. Ekkesvali has one hair on her head; Dhonkesvali has two and thinks she's great. What happens to them when they meet an old woman who lives alone in a clearing right in the middle of the forest…? This folktale takes on a special joyousness with Ranjan De's stylised representations, full of interesting details.