Ajanta Guhathakurta

Ajanta Guhathakurta has illustrated and designed several books for children and adults. She lives in Delhi where she also teaches painting to children.

  • Rs. 135.00

    Squiggles and swirls, loops and curls, diamonds and dots... and a small surprise! The little girl watches as her mother traces the cool, moist patterns on her palm. Then comes the waiting. The henna must dry, nothing must touch it – and she can be patient no longer! The art of drawing with henna takes on a little girl’s infectious thrill as decorative...

  • Rs. 135.00
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    Mayor Piloo Paheliji loves to show off by asking riddles no one can answer. But someone is more than a match for him and confounds confusion by riddling him! A book that celebrates riddles with illustrations that capture all the fun.

  • Rs. 150.00
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    Raw, green, sour and crunchy. Or ripe, golden, plump and soft. Summer time is mango time, a time children wait for – blazing sun, sticky mango juice ringing their mouths and dripping down their fingers. The sweet, simple story and luscious pictures evoke delicious flavours of hot days, warm friendships and the smell of mango in the air.  2013: Highly...

  • Rs. 165.00
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    Ducks, tigers, pangolins, penguins… This book introduces young readers to a variety of animals and the different ways in which they carry their young. Bold illustrations set against textured backgrounds portray the parent-child bond in a charming manner.

  • Rs. 175.00
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    When the lioness goes off to hunt, her cubs go off to play. But is the jungle safe for them? Inspired by the endangered Asiatic lion found in the Gir forest, Gujarat, this book follows the playful adventures of three curious lion cubs while their mother is away. Minimal text and lively illustrations with an edge of drama skilfully introduce young readers...