By looking at pictures and absorbing their details, early learners develop the basic skills required for reading and for later enjoying the nuances of language. Tulika’s growing list of picture books has several series within it built around concepts, themes, genres and characters. Diverse and engaging visual styles and texts come together to offer an enriching reading experience.

The entire selection is featured here under the different series, going from the latest to the oldest, and available in nine languages. Click on a book for its description.

A few lines of easy text on the pages thread the stories together, while eloquent pictures encourage young minds to explore and expand beyond words. Tulika’s stories are inclusive, sensitive, and avoid stereotyping in both words and visuals – because what children read, matters.

Reading pictures is the first step towards reading words, and it’s never too early to start. No text also means that these books can be ‘read’ by children of all ages, and have as many stories hidden in them as the imagination can find!

These cross-cultural, cross-lingual stories are sourced from different regions. Unfamiliar local words and ideas are explained with the help of Wordbirds, a Tulika innovation, which appear on the pages and help children acquire a multilingual vocabulary.

Age-old stories, drawn from popular and marginal sources, gently question rigid notions about myths. Through pictures and words, these retold stories encourage different ways of seeing and understanding. They carry forward the spirit of oral storytelling and show how myths change, and still endure.

A series that brings timeless works of celebrated Indian writers to children, in translation, and adapted as picture books to create lasting visual impressions. Offering a vivid sense of distinctive voices, styles and milieus, it builds a rich and varied collection of literary writing for young readers.

Dramatically visual first science books – on space, earth, water, air and places on earth. Friendly storylines initiate young children into simple scientific notions that are clarified further at the end of each book by a list of science facts.

A unique series for beginner readers created around the commonplace thumbprint. These everyday stories about Thumb Thumb Thambi and Thumb Thumb Thangi are told using spoken vocabulary rather than a formal, graded one, encouraging children to read on their own. 

Five delightful books with unforgettable characters and pictures – starring Bahadur the baby elephant, his brother Anna and sister Akka, and his friends Mannu the monkey, Shanmugam the lion, Hutoxi the horse, Kamalnayan the camel and others.

Rhyme and rhythm appeal naturally to children and make language fun. Translations echo the original while retaining the integrity and cadence of individual languages.

A series of folk stories from different parts of India, retold in a contemporary style while retaining the flavour of oral storytelling. The illustrative style of each book is adapted from a traditional art form of the place from where the story comes.

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