Slices of history, flavours of places, explorations of art, perspectives on people, events and the environment… an array of non-fiction served up in exciting ways, put together by established and new writers, activists, thinkers, environmentalists, artists, archaeologists, teachers… 

First facts for little ones – about people and places, animals, the environment and why the sky is blue… through engaging stories and pictures.

Our strong non-fiction list for older children does a fine balancing act of information, stories, graphics, illustrations and photographs to give the reader a lot more than just facts, covering many issues green and gender, as well as people, places and events. Who said non-fiction was boring!

A unique series that leads children into the world and sensibilities of some of India’s best known artists – contemporary, traditional and folk. Through story, memoir and biography, children look at art and understand aesthetics. A valuable resource for schools, the books give young readers a wider and more inclusive idea of art.

Facts are often springboards for more questions that sometimes have to be filled in through the imagination – and a dash of fiction peps up ‘boring’ facts, making them easier to remember. This series is that winning combination of both!

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