Alok Bhalla

Alok Bhalla is a widely published critic, translator and poet. His most recent books include Stories About the Partition of India (4 volumes), Partition Dialogues: Memories of a Lost Home, The Place of Translation in a Literary Habitat and a translation of Dharamvir Bharati’s play Andha Yug. His translation of Nirmal Verma’s novel, Raat Ka Reporter (Dark Dispatches), will also be republished as a Contemporary Indian Classic by Penguin. Wild Verses of Wit and Whimsy is his book with Tulika.

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    In this alphabet symphony, imagination is unfettered and there's no need to play by the rules, except to get away from the ‘sullen, surly, sombre' use of language From A to zany Z, the 26 letters freely frolic in nonsense verse along with witty and refined illustrations. Funny and perceptive at once, this book is an invitation to a joyous, liberating and...