Amrita Kanther

Amrita Kanther has a Master’s in Design (Visual Communication) from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. She is interested in designing for children, bi-cultural design, publication design and visual interaction design for digital media. She has illustrated The Lion and the Fox and Magnolias for Tulika.

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    Gulab works happily from dawn to dusk in the garden at the house on top of the hill. One evening he takes back a big bunch of magnolias for his wife – “those flowers that look like the moon”. But on the way, he gives away a flower to Raju Ghodawala with the horse, one to Tsering and her baby who have come from Tibet, another to Lachhami going back to her...

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    The smart lion thinks he can use the fox to bring him food every day. But the fox is smarter! A familiar Panchatantra fable with innovative twists and a whole new environmental angle. The rich, energetic illustrations draw from the art of the Gond people from central India who live closely connected with nature.