Annie Besant

Annie Besant is a Chennai-based writer with a love of all things weird and wonderful. She tells tall tales and short stories to anyone who will listen. When she is not writing, she is reading, or dreaming, or eating all kinds of strange food.

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    What will you be when you grow up? To this common question, Appu has the most uncommon answers. If he can't be just ‘me', then he can be anything – or many things! With illustrations that have the lively touch of an animator, this book will open little minds to endless possibilities for the future. 

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    Hiss! Boo! Muahahaha! Mala creeps up from behind and scares everyone. Then her mother gives her a pair of pretty silver anklets... The pictures of this charming and very popular story have the exuberance and freshness typical of Nancy Raj's work.