Anushree Bhat

Anushree Bhat illustrated When I Grow Up and Jagadish and the talking plant as part of her internship with Tulika, when she was studying at Srishti College, Bangalore.

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    What will you be when you grow up? To this common question, Appu has the most uncommon answers. If he can't be just ‘me', then he can be anything – or many things! With illustrations that have the lively touch of an animator, this book will open little minds to endless possibilities for the future. 

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    After pathbreaking innovations in wireless communication, pioneering scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose turned to the world of plants. In this first-of-its-kind comic book, the maverick scientist’s journey is imagined through the eyes of Mimosa Pudica – the ‘touch-me-not’ plant he used extensively in his research. Extracts from a well-known speech and an...