Aravind Krish Bala

When Aravind Krish Bala first brought back stories and pictures from the forest for his daughter, Spatika, she thought her father owned those forests. Now, after listening to his many stories, she knows they belong to the wild animals. Aravind used to be a teacher, and is now a journalist writing on environment, wildlife and conservation.

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    A majestic elephant protects the forests from timber traders, tree-cutters and poachers. The animal becomes such a legend that his photograph adorns the walls of local homes. But one day, the Forest Department receives strict orders to hunt the elephant down… After the gripping Black Panther, Aravind Krish Bala returns to the Western Ghats. This riveting...

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    A thrilling book based on a true story of an encounter with the endangered cat in the Western Ghats of India. Perched on a treetop at a waterhole in a reserve forest in Kerala, the author and his friend, Natarajan, an Irula tribesman, were waiting to sight a tiger. This was when Natarajan told him the story of his first encounter with a black panther in...