Avanti Mehta

Avanti Mehta is an environmentalist and teacher who loves to garden and draw. She lives on a mango orchard near Roorkee with her husband, daughter and dogs.

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    The Kite Tree changes... Its leaves fall, they grow back, flowers appear and it begins to hum with life. But that's not all. It comes up with unexpected surprises! Keen eyes and a busy imagination capture these changes, stir anticipation and raise a flurry of questions. Quiet pictures reflect the tree’s many moods to evoke the movement of the seasons.

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    A boy finds a little seed and plants it. What will grow out of it, he wonders — a tree, a butterfly, a mountain? Manjari Chakravarti’s evocative pictures soar with the child’s imagination, capturing the hope and anticipation and the small dose of reality! 2019: Jarul Book Award (shortlisted)