Chandrakala Jagat

Chandrakala Jagat is from the Gond tribal community. Working as a daily labourer, she travelled all over Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh digging ponds and constructing buildings. She now lives in Bhopal, telling stories to her children and to anyone who wants to hear them. One of her favourites is about a magical fish that lived in Adhar Talab in Jabalpur, who wore a nose ring and granted wishes. The story was made into a film in which she herself played the narrator. The Magical Fish is a now a published book with Tulika.

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    There was a time when happiness began to leak out of the world. Everything dried up. No colour, no food, no smiles – only hunger, sadness and quarrels. One old woman decided that something had to be done, and she heard from the wind about a magical fish that lived in a green-green lake... Told by a Gond storyteller and illustrated by a Gond artist, this...