Chitra Krishnan

Chitra Krishnan loves stories –listening to them, reading them, and now even writing them. Widely travelled, she believes that life is really made up of tales long and short, each with their own unique endings! Chitra is Head, Department of French and Foreign Languages, Madras University. She was honoured by the French government with the oldest civilian award in the world, the Chevalier des Palmes Academiques for excellence in the academic or cultural arenas.

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    The sage Vyasa enlists Ganesha's help to write the Mahabharata — at a price! This is the well-known story about the writing down of the long and multi-layered epic that is the Mahabharata. Presented with lively humour and great affection, it shows the very recognisable human dilemmas faced by Vyasa and Ganesha. Delightful pictures enable a new generation...