Deepa Hari

Deepa Hari works for Avehi-Abacus, a curriculum enrichment project for municipal schools in Mumbai. Sameer's House is a re-telling of an Avehi-Abacus story for children.

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    Sameer lives in a house on Saraswati Street in a city called Mumbai, which is in Maharashtra, which is in India, which is in... A popular idea re-presented in a new and appealing way to show how everyone is a small part of this universe. Strong illustrations take children on a visual journey of expanding horizons, from Sameer's house to the star-filled...

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    A hot summer day, an old man in dusty clothes who calls himself a maharaja, a little boy Munna who believes him, and a teashop full of people who don’t… With the familiar feel of a folktale, this delightful story keeps the reader guessing till the end! Going with the flavour, Deepa Balsavar chooses an illustrative style that’s “part folksy, part whimsy”,...