Esther Syiem

Esther Syiem teaches English Literature at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. She has been involved in the study of the Khasi folk literature for more than a decade now. A bilingual writer and established poet, some of her publications include two collections of poetry, Oral Scriptings and Of Wit and Wisdom of Follies and Frailties, and a play in Khasi, Ka Nam.

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    From the hills of Meghalaya, adventurous Ka Iew looks down at the sun-drenched plains of Sylhet and challenges her sister Ka Ngot to a race. In an instant, Ka Iew becomes a river ready to rush downhill, and Ka Ngot has no choice but to join her. Who reaches first? A Khasi folktale filled with local flavour and luminous illustrations that evoke the...