Gayathri Bashi

Gayathri Bashi first discovered her passion for picture books as a children’s book editor with Tulika. Now she shares her love for the medium and all its possibilities at She currently lives with her husband in Seattle, and is most often found at her always cluttered desk.

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    A bird's nest? A cow with two horns? No, it's Minu's hair and she does NOT like it. Her mother, her father, her grandmother try hard to tame it. But her grandfather is unconcerned… The illustrations of this charming story give Minu's hair a truly wild, tactile feel as it spills exuberantly through the pages. 2018: Best of Indian Children's Writing:...

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    Rain can be fun. But sometimes, “lots and lots and lots of rain” is frightening — when water comes into homes and washes everything away. Floods and other natural calamities do happen, children do get caught in them, and other children see it all on television. How do they make sense of it? The book talks to children through rhythmic, repetitive text and...