Habib Ali

Habib Ali trained at the Riyaaz Academy in Bhopal while doing a BFA from the Govt Institute of Fine Arts, Gwalior. He lives in Gwalior, and is an avid photographer of ordinary people and daily life. This is his first book with Tulika.

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    “Let’s play house-house!” decide Sunehri and her friends. So they put together some old plates and bowls, empty packets of chips, plastic bottles, a broken helmet… things they’ve collected going about their work in the city on whose streets they live. The game loved by children everywhere takes on a poignant layer when played by those who have never known...

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    All the children in Lila’s class are beginning to lose their teeth and have exciting stories to tell. One buried it in the ground for the mouse to take, another got a shiny coin from the tooth fairy. Lila waits impatiently for her tooth to wiggle… Action-filled pictures bring out her eager wait in a story that every child with jiggly teeth will love!...