Helen Rundgren

Helen Rundgren is an award-winning Swedish children’s writer, television producer and former zoologist with a passion for reptiles. Like many children around the world she is fascinated with dinosaurs. Her track record shows just how: Tyra Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyra and Others and My Life as Tyra (books); How to Become a Dinosaur Digger, The History of Dino, and Dinosaurs and Dragon Bones (documentary films); and These Beloved Dinosaurs (book and film for teachers). Sadly, she says, all these are in Swedish.

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    A one-of-a-kind book about Indian dinosaurs! Combining fact and fiction, it shows that dinosaurs didn't roam only in other, faraway places. They were very much part of the Indian landscape, millions of years ago. Join Sankar and Sandhya on their adventure as they find out about Indosuchus matleyi, Indosuchus raptorius, Rajasaurus narmadiensis and much...